Public Speaking


Your jewelry says a lot about you – wear it to your advantage.

Susan Eisen with Jim Tuttle of Green Lake Jewelry Works and  Mark Loren of Mark Loren Designs judging the jewelry for the winner of the national “Bench Challenge” in Chicago.
Susan Eisen as a national judge of the “Bench Challenge” with 2 other well known jewelry designers at the trade show in Chicago.
NMSU Estate Planning Conference for women graduating giving a speech to the attendees about giving things away before you die. – February 2014.
Susan has been invited several times to speak to the UTEP graduating classes in business and accounting about ethics in business.  
Susan Eisen leading a roundtable discussion group on appraisals at the Texas Jewelers Association Conference.
Susan Eisen as guest speaker at the El Paso Estate Planning Council Meeting speaking about “Estate Appraisals and How to Help Your Clients Avoid a Family Inheritance Battle After They Die”.

Ms. Eisen has been speaking to conference groups since 1985. Her topics are humorous, enlightening and insightful and can entertain a room full of people. If you are having a conference and need a keynote speaker or someone to entertain the attendees, please call her office at (915) 584-0022 to discuss your plans. Her topics include:

  • How to teach your significant other to buy for you.
  • The 10 biggest mistakes people make when buying jewelry.
  • How to create a new jewelry wardrobe with what you already have.
  • Your jewelry says a lot about you.
  • Changing the world with your jewelry.
  • Dividing your collectibles while you are alive for your children, and many others.

Ms. Eisen’s most recent speaking engagements:

  • America’s Best Jewelers Panel on Jewelry Industry Topics in New York, NY
  • ‘Bedazzled – From Mine to Masterpiece’ – an interactive presentation on jewelry making techniques at the El Paso Museum of Art
  • Bedazzled: 5,000 Years of Jewelry Docent Training Lecture at the El Paso Museum of Art
  • Guest Panelist for the Gemological Institute of America in New York City, NY

Her books are available as a fund raising project for nonprofit organizations upon request.

Here are some of the comments about Susan Eisen’s presentation on heirloom estate planning at a current seminar:

  1. “Very practical. Great talk!”
  2. “Also valuable information. I had not considered many recommendations from Susan.”
  3. “Susan opened my eyes to heirlooms”
  4. “Fabulous addition to the seminar. I liked that she used actual cases to explain issues. Very surprised some items have lost value.”
  5. “Loved Susan Eisen’s presentations. Her strategies of making lists of items and especially being careful with expensive and loved antiques.”
  6. “Great!”
  7. “Very entertaining as well as thought provoking. It made me think about organizing more effectively.”
  8. “Several valuable points were pointed out. Blended family. Very helpful and will follow through. Thank you Susan.”
  9. “Very clear and interesting. Great advice and practical.”
  10. “Wow! Interesting.”
  11. “Excellent points made detailing heirloom planning. One tends to think it’s only about jewelry, but much more!”
  12. “Very interesting and this presentation added a differant element to all the very technical information.”
  13. “Entertaining, funny, and pertinent.”
  14. “This was great information, would have not ever considered this problem. So glad she was a speaker.”
  15. “Very accessible. Provided good advice.”
  16. “Really liked her presentation. Gave me good ideas for dealing with this topic.”
  17. “Wonderful information and good advice to plan now.”