About the Author

Susan Eisen, a jewelry store entrepreneur and designer of jewelry since 1980, is the author of Crazy About Jewelry®.

Susan Eisen started her business after two of her women jeweler friends decided to move away from El Paso, Texas and asked her if she wanted to take over their store. With no formal knowledge of the retail business but with a burning passion for jewelry, she took it on. Soon after she started, she realized she had a lifetime of learning ahead of her. She enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America to learn how to become a gemologist, and then studied with the American Society of Appraisers and International Society of Appraisers to receive her education and accreditation in appraising. Soon she became known in the industry and began writing articles for major jewelry magazines, started speaking at industry seminars, and serving on national boards. Because Susan Eisen loves to create, she owns 4 trademarks and a design patent on products she has invented. Her most important product is LIFETAG®-Jewelry That Can Save Your Life!

She decided three years ago to write about her love of jewelry so that other jewelry lovers could benefit from her knowledge and experience. Now she has come full circle, is back designing jewelry, and loving every minute of it. She is sharing her thoughts about her wonderful life long ambition in her first book, Crazy About Jewelry®.

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